How to Contact Us

CAST is operating under the COVID19 campus mitigation policies of the University of Arizona. This includes the policies requiring faculty and staff, whenever possible to work from home. This means that most CAST offices at our physical locations are not staffed, but we are committed to providing the excellent service throughout this difficult time. If you wish to reach a member of our CAST staff, faculty, or administration, they will be available during normal working hours (8:00am to 5:00pm MST) by email or by phone. These email addresses and phone numbers are available at the Directory tab (above), but major unit office phone numbers are provided below.

  • Academic Advising and Student Services: (520) 626-1702
  • Human Resources: (520) 626-2422 ext. 2190
  • Business Office: (520) 626-2422 ext. 2128
  • Dean’s Office: (520) 626-2422 ext. 2173
  • Department of Applied Science (520) 626-2422 ext. 2123
  • Department of Applied Technology (520) 626-2422 ext. 2303