UArizona Cybersecurity Clinic

UArizona Cybersecurity Clinic

Cybersecurity Clinic

VISION: be a leader in cybersecurity excellence, safeguarding small businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, and government agencies while fostering the growth of future cybersecurity leaders. By seamlessly integrating risk and vulnerability assessments with college student experiential learning, we aim to create a resilient and innovative cybersecurity ecosystem that stands as a testament to our commitment to securing the digital future. 

MISSION: to create unique and impactful student experiential learning opportunities to conduct risk and vulnerability assessments. This approach will cultivate the next generation of cybersecurity leaders while providing critical services to K-12 institutions, critical infrastructure, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. We are a trusted partner in enhancing cybersecurity posture by understanding the specific needs and constraints of these types of organizations.







UArizona Cybersecurity Clinic personnel operate across the following 3 functional areas:

  1. Instructional: The instructional area builds, updates, and delivers training and modules to students on the topics of risk and vulnerability assessment methodologies, conducting these types of assessments, analyzing results, and delivering results.
  2. Risk and Vulnerability Assessment: The risk and vulnerability assessment area consists of conducting client assessments, analyzing results, and communicating results to clients.
  3. Organization Outreach and Management: The organization outreach and management area oversees relationship development and developing partner profiles and continuity files. 

Service Offerings:

  • Comprehensive risk and vulnerability assessments.
  • Mitigation and strategies to improve security posture. Alignment with Statewide Cyber Readiness Grant Program which provides funding for cyber resources:
  • Reassessment to identify trends and further improve security posture.
  • Security awareness training for organizations and community.