Undergraduate Application for Degree Candidacy

Prior to graduating from the University of Arizona, every student seeking a bachelor's degree must complete an application for degree candidacy and a senior degree check. This process allows you to work with an advisor to review your degree plan and ensure you have fulfilled all degree requirements. At this time, you will also submit all the paperwork required to graduate from The University of Arizona.

  • Spring/Summer graduates must submit their application for degree candidacy by February 1st through UAccess Student Center
  • Fall/Winter graduates must submit their application for degree candidacy by September 1st through UAccess Student Center

Undergraduate Application for Degree Candidacy

If you are planning on graduating from University of Arizona within the next two semesters and have not already submitted an application for degree candidacy, please apply online in your UAccess Student Center. Detailed instructions can be found on the Graduation Services website. The ideal time to begin this process is during the semester prior to your final semester at CAST. After applying online, contact your academic advisor to complete your final degree check.

For more information about applying for degree candidacy including graduation fees and where to send updated official transcripts for pending transfer work required for graduation, please visit Graduation Services or consult with your advisor.


University of Arizona Commencement

  • On Friday 5/15/20, at 7:30pm
  • Located at Arizona Stadium, Tucson, AZ
  • View the commencement guide website for the main campus ceremony with all the information regarding parking, procedures, seating, etc.

College of Applied Science and Technology Convocation

  • On Thursday 5/14/20, at 3:00 pm
  • Located at Klein Center for the Performing Arts, Sierra Vista, AZ
  • CAST students are encouraged to attend both University of Arizona Commencement and college convocation ceremonies. The college convocation will allow you to be individually recognized. View our 2019 Commencement Video.