College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST) Mentoring


CAST strives to work with faculty to expand their reach within their disciplines and broader professional communities by exploring new growth and excellence opportunities.

Mentoring Mission Statement

As a community, we will identify and tackle personal and professional advancement opportunities in academia, innovative problem-solving and inclusivity.

Vision Statement

To foster a diverse and equitable community where optimum success opportunities are fair and collaborative so that our personal and collective human potential is actualized and continual.

In the effort to clearly define the purpose of the College’s internal mentoring program, please note the following elements and structure of CAST mentoring.

Participation in CAST Mentoring:



Provide a mutually beneficial opportunity for junior CT and TT faculty to connect with and learn from senior faculty in the College

Directly align with the Faculty Development Communities for Promotion (FDCP) under UA Faculty Affairs for 1 st and 2 nd year faculty

Introduce you to a broader network of colleagues, both internal and external to UA through professional development workshops, conferences and webinars

Guarantee excellent ratings on Annual Performance Reviews

Provide a shared space to learn newer and more innovative ways to diversify your teaching, research and service portfolios with substantive, consistent feedback

Guarantee promotion

Foster collaboration in scholarly activities such as publications and grants

Dictate your pedagogical approaches or teaching philosophy

Provide a safe space for faculty to identify and confront issues which may prevent their success, growth and overall well-being through emotional support

Create an environment for bitterness, gossip or confrontation

UA Core Values

INTEGRITY - Be honest, respectful and just.

COMPASSION - Choose to care.

EXPLORATION - Be insatiably curious.

ADAPTATION - Stay open-minded and eager for what’s next.

INCLUSION - Harness the power of diversity.


Program Expectations

The mentor is expected to:

▶ Participate in bi-weekly meetings with mentee , and monthly meetings with peer mentors

▶ Encourage reflection, offers observations, constructive feedback, support and guidance

▶ Actively listen and support thinking through challenges and next steps

▶ Help mentee clarify areas for focus, create an action plan that supports learning outcomes and growth, and build accountability through a collegial environment

Faculty Affairs_Mentor Expectations.png

UA Office of Leadership & Organizational Development

The mentee is expected to:

▶ Actively participate and take responsibility for his/her own professional growth and development

▶ Keep commitments with the mentor

▶ Create an individual action plan for development and growth

▶ Renegotiate the mentoring relationship when personal or professional needs change

Faculty Affairs_Mentee Expectations.png

UA Office of Leadership & Organizational Development