Chuck Smith

Director of Finance
Administration and Facilities
(520) 458-8278 x2128

  • PCard Liaison for CAST
  • Fiscal Officer for all Arizona's CAST accounts
  • Monitors and reconciles all account balances on a monthly basis
  • Develops and monitors the yearly budget for CAST
  • Responsible for Fiscal Year closing and any carry forward dollars
  • Provides monthly budget details to the budget managers
  • Approves all purchasing and payment request documents
  • Approves all new hire paperwork
  • Oversees relations with AFP Inc., and canyon neighbors in the usage of the Arizona Folklore Preserve
  • Point person for security services provided on the CAST campus
  • Provides management oversight for the IT department
  • Approves all external awards and scholarships
  • Oversees the financial aspect of grants to include approving the necessary effort reports
  • Responsible for all CAST contracts with outside vendors
  • Manages all CAST leases and corresponding payments

Delia Rubio

Accounts Payable Analyst
(520) 458-8278 x2127



  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Manages FedEx account
  • Reconciles and submits PCard transactions

Requisitions/Purchase Orders

  • Process requisitions and work orders


  • Preparation of travel paperwork
  • Process travel reimbursements

Inventory Updates

  • Maintain Capital Inventory

Procurement and Contracts

  • Contracts, agreements, and procurement

Building Keys

  • Issue, track, and maintain CAST campus keys

Office Webmaster

  • Maintain Business Office website


  • Create custom forms
  • Basic UAccess financials and analytics support for faculty and staff

Sherry Lumpkin

Administrative Associate
(520) 458-8278 x2142


Fleet management

  • Manage fleet vehicles for all CAST locations
  • Maintain master mileage, fleet maintenance databases, and files
  • Track new driver requirements to assure employees are in compliance prior to driving on behalf of the university
  • Arrange services and repairs for Sierra Vista location and oversee all other locations
  • Manage vehicle reservation system
  • Reconcile and process payment for Voyager cards
  • Report data to UArizona’s Garage
  • Process incident reports for vehicle damage and submit to Risk Management for insurance claims.
  • Reconcile fleet mileage and expenses
  • Process monthly and annual fleet reports
  • Maintain pertinent documents to assist drivers
  • Work with vendors to obtain the most cost-efficient services
  • Create and update fleet forms and vehicle use policies and procedures


  • Review and reconcile PCards
  • Receive and log check/cash payment

Room Use

  • Manage room use for outside organizations and staff/faculty from Main Campus
  • Check availability & schedule room(s)
  • Provide information and requirements to requestor
  • Work with Media Tech, Maintenance, and Security departments to assure the requestor’s needs are met
  • Work with Real Estate department on Main Campus to ensure request documentation meets the required criteria and to obtain approval
  • Update forms