Setting Up Direct Deposit and Tax Withholdings

University of Arizona prefers that employees set up direct deposit to receive pay for their pay checks, reimbursements, etc.

Employees are also required to set up tax withholdings.

Please follow the instructions in the below screen shots to set up direct deposit and tax withholdings in UAccess.

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Payroll hours are entered in UAccess Employee Self Service. Each different position type has different rules to follow as to when to enter hours or when not to. Below is a breakdown of each position type.

Entering time for the different position type:

Exempt employee (usually Appointed and some Classified positions) Only complete the timesheet for time off (Sick, Vacation, Holiday).

Non-exempt employee (usually Classified and Student Worker positions) Complete a timesheet every 2 weeks with the hours worked, or taken off for that specific pay period, using the appropriate codes.

Full Time Faculty only complete a timesheet for time off, usually sick and holiday.

Limited Term Adjunct Instructor that receives a contract every semester, do not need to complete a timesheet. Pay is based on the amount in the contract divided by the number of pay periods in that semester. Unless otherwise informed by the Business Office due to other contractual arrangements.

Download instructions for reporting hours

Pay schedules, Holiday schedules, and other calendars can be found at the link below along with more information and to contact the mail payroll office: