Blanket Travel Authorization (Current Year)

CAST employees, residing in Arizona,  must have a Blanket Travel Authorization form on file.  This form is for meetings and off-site campus visits.  Conferences and special events require a unique Travel Authorization Form. 

Please note:  The Adobe Sign icon has been disabled on this form.  The completed form must be emailed to the business office.

PDF icon Blanket Travel Authorization Form

Business Cards & Name Tags

Contact Melody Dugie
520-458-8278 x2190

Employee Reimbursement Request

For reimbursement of approved business expenses.  Employees must fill out this form and provide a detailed description of items purchased and the business purpose.
Submit the ORIGINAL SIGNED FORM and ORIGINAL ITEMIZED RECEIPTS, to the Business Office in Sierra Vista

College of Applied Science & Technology
1140 Colombo Ave
Sierra Vista AZ - 85635

PDF icon Employee Expense Reimbursement

Key Request Form

This form must be filled out and signed by the person receiving the keys and supervisor. 

Keys are available in the Business Office, in Sierra Vista.

PDF icon Key Request Form

Payment Request

A payment request form is required PRIOR to engaging in business with individuals.  This form is interactive and will direct you to the required forms.   Download form directly to your computer, do not open in a browser.

PDF icon Payment Request Form

PCard Application (Individual)

To request a Purchasing Card in the name of an Employee, SUPERVISOR must fill out this form and return the original signed form into Delia Rubio, CAST Business Office.

Supervisor:  Fill out the Employee Information and Cardholder Controls/Enhancements Sections.  The Business Office will fill out the Reconciler Workgroup Information.

PDF icon Individual PCard Application.pdf

PCard Change Form

Supervisors must fill out this form when requesting changes to PCard limits or for additional enhancements such as PCard Plus and Travel.

Return the original signed form to Delia Rubio, Business Office.

PDF icon PCard Change Form.pdf

PCard Purchase Form

This form must be filled out for every PCard purchase. Return it to Delia Rubio, Business Office, along with all original itemized receipts. DO NOT tape over any wording. DO Staple receipt to the PCard Purchase Form.

If the purchase involves food, fill out a PCard Plus Sign In Form (below) AND provide a copy of the event brochure, flyer, agenda, or email with event details.

PDF icon PCard Purchase Form.pdf

PCard Plus Sign In Form

Provide an attendance log in sheet for all food purchases.

PDF icon PCard Plus Sign In Form

PCard Self Violation Form

This form is required when an unauthorized purchase has been made.

PCard Self Violation Form

Travel Request Form

This form must be filled out PRIOR to any trip. 
If a link to the conference/workshop is not provided, please attach supporting documentation along with this form.

PDF icon Travel Request Form

Travel Expense Report

Travelers must fill out this form AFTER the trip.   Original Itemized receipts must accompany this form.  Return receipts and form with original signatures into the CAST Business Office.

Download PDF

Travel - Mileage Reimbursement ONLY

Travel expense report for MILEAGE ONLY. This form should be used to claim mileage for more than 6 trips.

Download PDF

Travel Expense Report Addendum - Mileage Reporting ONLY

The Travel Expense Report only allows for 6 line entries.  If you require more than 6 lines (for mileage reporting only) fill out the top portion of the Travel Expense Report.  In the travel detail portion, enter "SEE ATTACHED"   Sign the TER and turn in to the Business Office.

Download PDF


A W9 form is required when setting up a new vendor.  This attachment is for the individual form.  To download the form with instructions, click here.

Download PDF